Terminator: Dark Fate

Fox, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media

Terminator Dark Fate Poster

In Mexico City, a newly modified liquid Terminator -- the Rev-9 model -- arrives from the future to kill a young factory worker named Dani Ramos. Also sent back in time is Grace, a hybrid cyborg human who must protect Ramos from the seemingly indestructible robotic assassin. But the two women soon find some much-needed help from a pair of unexpected allies -- seasoned warrior Sarah Connor and the T-800 Terminator.

  • Linda Hamilton
    Sarah Connor
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    T-800 / Carl
  • Mackenzie Davis
  • Natalia Reyes
    Dani Ramos
  • Gabriel Luna
    Gabriel / Rev-9
  • Diego Boneta
    Diego Ramos
  • Enrique Arce
  • Alicia Borrachero
  • Tom Hopper
    William Hadrell
  • Director
    Tim Miller
  • Produced by
    James Cameron and David Ellison
  • Screenplay by
    David S. Goyer, Justin Rhodes, and Billy Ray
  • Story by
    James Cameron, Charles H. Eglee, Josh Friedman, David S. Goyer, and Justin Rhodes
  • Executive Producers
    Bonnie Curtis, Julie Lynn, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Edward Cheng, David S. Goyer, John J. Kelly, Tim Miller, and Peter Welter Soler
  • Director of Photography
    Ken Seng
  • Production Designer
    Sonja Klaus
  • Edited by
    Julian Clarke
  • Costume Designer
    Ngila Dickson
  • Music by
    Junkie XL

“Terminator: Dark Fate” is a movie designed to impress you with its scale and visual effects, but it’s also a film that returns, in good and gratifying ways, to the smartly packaged low-down genre-thriller classicism that gave the original “Terminator” its kick. The new movie earns its lavish action (and its emotions, too), because no matter how violently baroque its end-of-days vision, its storytelling remains tethered to the earth. […] “Dark Fate” is a lean, tough, and absorbing sequel that taps back into the enthralling surface of the “Terminator” series’ comic-book kinetics as well as the sinister sweet spot of its grandiose pulp mythology.
- Variety

Director Tim Miller (“Deadpool”) has hit a reset button, and he finds just the right mix of action, suspense and, when needed, old-school comic relief. ... [L]ike sinking into your favorite chair, “Dark Fate” soon settles into its most pleasurable and familiar groove, with the arrival of two pivotal characters from the first two films: Sarah, even more badass than her appearance in 1991’s “T2,” and a new, surprisingly domesticated version of Schwarzenegger’s T-800 model Terminator, who is calling himself Carl.
- Washington Post

It’s not a stretch to say that Linda Hamilton is the main reason you should rush out to see Terminator: Dark Fate posthaste. … [T]he thrill over seeing an OG action-movie heroine step back into those combat boots is still very much present. The scowl, the screen presence, the hard stares, her hardboiled patter alternating with pleading line readings, the sense that a pulse matters more than pixels — Hamilton reminds you exactly what’s been missing from these films. Who knows whether she’ll be back. She’s here now, and what a glorious difference it makes.
- Rolling Stone

Dark Fate feels like a real Terminator movie at last, from the breakneck, deeply terrifying chase that opens it to its moving finale. This was never just Arnold Schwarzenegger’s series; it’s Linda Hamilton that’s the key ingredient. […] For the first time in a long time, we can look to the future of Terminator with hope.
- Empire