In Development

Big Three - Original Screenplay by William Nicholson to be directed by Tom Harper and produced with Skydance Media.
Fortunate Sons - Written by Peter Biegen.
The Gatekeeper - Lesli Linka Glatter to direct Jennifer Vanderbes’s adaptation of her nonfiction book, forthcoming from Random House.
Girl in a Box - Television series written by Meg LeFauve & Joe Forte for A&E Studios.
The Girl She Used to Be - Adapted by Laeta Kalogridis and Nevin Densham from the novel by David Cristofano. Co-production with Mark Johnson.
Lady of the House - Adaption of Cama Adentro by Rodrigo Garcia and Neena Beber for Searchlight Pictures. Starring Glenn Close and Melissa McCarthy. 
Sadboi - Original screenplay by James Acker to be directed by Trevon Free & Martin Desmond Roe.
Untitled Animated Film - Original Screenplay by Kristin Hahn to be directed by Guillaume Lorin. 
The Widow's War - Limited series to be adapted by Meg LeFauve from the series by Sally Gunning.